Advanced Transformation

6 Week Challenge

Learn to unlock the light within you and have a powerful and blissful life



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Once you how to meditate correctly, you too can merge with those planes of light and have a blissful meditation.


Planes of Light

Meditation is concentration in the beginning. It’s a focus.
Then, in the intermediate stage, it’s an opening, a deepening of one’s awareness but with a focus towards the planes of light.

In intermediate meditation, you’re touching light more deeply than in introductory meditation.

In advanced meditation, you become light. You transcend self, ego, time, space, dimensionality. You merge with the clear light of reality, and you go beyond this world.

The teacher you will be learning from practices advanced meditation. After many years of meditation her consciousness was transformed to full self realization. She merged with the light and became fully Enlightened

Which means she can meditate powerfully and direct that energy towards you, so you too can have blissful meditations.

Planes of Light

The Universe is made up of vibrating light. You can merge with that and become that.

Get Un-Stuck

You'll learn how to remove old stagnant energy from you life and replace it with fresh pranic energy full of joy and happiness and success.

Blissful States

The light of eternity can rain down on you in every moment. It doesn't have to be only when you meditate.

A Mystic

Become a mystic, someone that seeks power and makes great decisions based on your immortal, self not your small fearful self.

Advanced Transformation
6 Week Challenge 




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How To Meditate & Have
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