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Hello everyone and welcome to The Mystical Experience webinar! If you are on early (15 minutes until the hour) and hear music that means Michele is meditating and sending Light/Shakti/Energy so take advantage and meditate along with her. If you have any questions feel free to type them in the chat room and we’ll pass them along to Michele as soon as she asks for them. Also, if you dial into the call please turn your computer speakers off to avoid an echo. Lastly, Michele asks that we please not surf the net or engage in other media (tv, social, etc.) while the call is on so we can focus completely and get the most out of this wonderful experience. Thank you!!!

Click the “Play” button on the right to stream the webinar to your computer then scroll down to enter the chat room.

To join the Webinar by phone –
Phone Number: 1-425-440-5010
Please enter the conference
ID when asked: 740077#
Then enter the password when asked: 8888#

Please mute your computer speakers
if you are dialing in.

(To start chatting please type
your name below then click “Login”



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