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Global Spiritual Community

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Global Spiritual Community

We are a worldwide network of kindred souls, united by a quest for enlightenment, where each member’s unique journey enriches the collective spiritual evolution.


A Self-Realized Soul As Your Teacher

A Self-Realized, Enlightened, Spiritual Teacher is someone who has attained a profound level of personal enlightenment and spiritual awakening, transcended the ego, and connected deeply with their inner self

Enlightened Teachers often possess a remarkable sense of humor, and this is no coincidence. They are free from the fear of judgment and the need to conform to societal expectations. This freedom allows them to express themselves more openly and playfully. 

They can laugh at themselves and the absurdities of life because they are not attached to a rigid self-image or concerned with maintaining a particular persona. This light-heartedness is contagious, often helping others to relax and see life from a more joyful.


What To Expect:

With this teachings, your real self comes to life.  As you delve into the wisdom imparted, you’ll gradually find yourself embracing more joy and growing in confidence. Each lesson acts as a catalyst, propelling you forward on a journey of self-discovery and empowerment.

Slowly but surely, you’ll notice a shift in your energy. Your vibration accelerates, resonating at a higher frequency. This newfound vitality sheds the weight of the world, lifting the burdensome heaviness that once held you back. In its place emerges the essence of your true self, radiant and unencumbered by the constraints of doubt and fear.

As you continue to absorb the teachings, the transformation deepens. The joy within you expands, radiating outward to touch every aspect of your life. With each passing day, you embody more fully the authenticity of your being, embracing the lightness of your true essence.

The Value of Your Gold Membership

Experience Bi-Monthly Zoom Immersions with an Illumined Soul(Your Teacher) & Kindred Souls From All Over The World

Tap into Cosmic Energy: Access 4 Empowering Light Transmissions Every Month

10 Years Worth Of Video Lessons: On Intuition, Past Lives, Meditation, the Cosmos, How This World’s Energy Affects You, Enlightenment

Unlock Your Greatness: The Science of Being Great (Audiobook) Narrated By Your Teacher

Learn To Be Happy Under Any Circumstance: The Magic of Affirmation Power (Audiobook) Narrated By Your Teacher

6 Week Advanced Transformation: Receive Weekly Exercises To Raise Your Energy/Vibration














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