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The Purpose of Life is Enlightenment

The Journey to a Life of Freedom, Success and Enlightenment


What is the Journey to Enlightenment?

“Millions of people right now are experiencing a yearning and desire to awaken to their unique gifts and offer them in service to the world — while living a life of joy and fulfillment. It’s a surging of the Enlightenment of spirit, that is your truth, a virtual global awakening, on a scale never observed before.


The Truth is 99% of the people born on this beautiful planet have waited a long time to have this experience. An opportunity to awaken to their Divine Consciousness.

Why do people love the site of Light Shows, gold, diamonds, and rare gems? Why are we so mesmerized by Fireworks and Light Shows? It unconsciously reminds us of the Light and the experience of Divine Dimensions. Of going through the Divine Stargate.

It is the Divines way of giving us a taste of where we really live in consciousness when we are awake. Everyone wants to be there, to be home. OM. I always thought it was only saints and old gray-haired or bald-headed Holy men who could be Enlightened.

That is not the Truth. EVERYONE can become Free. I know this because I have become free and now I dedicate my life to others becoming free and also enjoying their journey towards freedom through teaching how they can become more successful and happier right now. Happier in every area of their life starting with their soul.” -Michele

How It Works In 3 Powerful Steps


Step 1) Have A Deep Desire To Change Your Life

  • This is the foundation of everything. You must have a deep longing to change your life and to feel more alive. You have to WANT to be transformed.
  • Maybe you have attempted this before, but now you realize you cannot do it alone. This life is filled with either  pleasure or pain. Beyond the illusion of pleasure and pain there is Freedom. There is Enlightenment.
  • If you truly wish to experience major transformation your life, then please keep reading.



Step 2) Your Search For Meaning...

When you embark on your search for meaning you begin to create a life of good fortune and purpose. You now have the opportunity to receive deep teachings from an Awakened Teacher who can Transmit Light to you. This is a rare opportunity.

If you are ready to have your vibration oscillate at a much faster frequency, we enthusiastically invite you to watch this special video.


Step 3) Go Deeper...

Enlightenment and all Spiritual Realization and Success have mainly come through studying with an Enlightened Teacher. We invite you to go deeper and apply to be a part of this transformational Energy and Divine Transmission.

If you do not feel ready to go deeply into Mysticism and Meditation at this moment in your life, that’s OK. We still encourage you to experience the powerful Light Transmissions simply to have a better life, more good fortune, health, and joy. This will assist you to manifest what you want in your life.

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Michele's Journey

Michele Blood is a successful, multi-talented lady. In addition to creating Magnet To Success™ products and seminars worldwide.

Her public Mystical Success Events have been held in over 26 countries. Her largest audience was 50,000 in Kuala Lumpur. Michele has co-written and created over 80 books, audio programs, TV shows, videos on positive thought, mind transformation, meditation, and more.

She has appeared in hundreds of podcasts, radio shows, and magazines in over 26 countries. After many years of meditation Michele’s Kundalini awakened and transformed her consciousness.

She now teaches others how to live a Mystical Life and experience Divine Oneness, which is the true heart of genuine happiness, success, and purpose in one’s life.

Are You Ready to Be Awakened?

Not everyone is ready for this kind of Transformation. Your desire to transform your life brought you here today, so let’s explore further.

The fact is, there are so many things that you can be doing to help yourself.

The number one reason that people don’t become free and Enlightened or things aren’t going well in their life is because they’re losing energy. You have to oscillate at a faster vibration and have more energy in order to advance further.

If you have been on this path for years and have had some success however, you want to feel good more consistently, then I invite you to advance further in your self-discovery through this life changing Aura of Enlightenment.



Who is This For?

A World of Transformation And Enlightenment -
Who Is This For?

By now you might be wondering, is this really for me? 

I mean, why do all this?

Why awaken and strive for Enlightenment?

The answer is simple:

EVERY person on this bountiful planet seeks Truth, Purpose, Happiness and Peace. They just may not be aware that thiis ideal outcome is called Enlightenment.

Everyone’s quest is the same, to find one’s own perfection. That is really what all of us is seeking.

Whether you are new to the world of Enlightenment or you have been on your quest for some time, you can expect many changes along the way.

Every time you learn a little more, you change a little more.

And along the way yo will constantly receive instructions in different forms that reveal how to clean up your life and overcome your limitations.

If you heed these instructions you will start gaining energy, raising your vibration, oscillating faster, and begin a new life of joy.

Then there is the second part, and this is very exciting and where true transformation can take place.

If you are an accepted student, you will receive the Golden Aural of Enlightenment.

The Aura of Enlightenment will be a familiar feeling to you. It’s a strong vibration of Light. That Light will begin to melt away the old layers that have been holding you back from good fortune and peace.

Those old, stagnant, negative layers that saturate and slow your vibration down and that have held you back for so long will gradually be dissolved once and for all.

If you are new to the world of Enlightenment, you will begin to feel lighter and happier as the heaviness of the world is melted away.

If you have experience, but are still stuck, you will have new breakthroughs to levels of higher consciousness.

This is the powerful transformational process of Enlightenment that I know will free you forever! You will love at a level so deep and profoundly beautiful! No more doubting mind to interfere with your peace. No more fear! Only FREED-OM!

What's the fastest path to Transformation?
Find A Teacher Who Can Transmit Light To You Through Their
Enlightened Consciousness and Learn from Them

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Enlightenment?

Enlightenment occurs once one’s Kundalini has awakened.  It is Divine Oneness or Divine Union and is the purpose of life. The illusion of this world is where there is fear and ignorance. This dissolves in the clear Light of Truth where we all live but are too heavily veiled in what is called the Maya to see Truth.

Why Is Michele Teaching?

Michele was blessed with a Kundalini awakening just over 10 years ago and now transmits this Light and teaches others how to also awaken. Her teaching methods are filled with joy, happiness, and laughter. She shares the truth about mystical experiences that others hold as special secrets that are usually held back in the traditional world of Enlightenment. Michele doesn’t believe in keeping secrets.  She believes in giving all the knowledge you need so that you too can become one with Eternity and become Enlightened in this lifetime.

What Is A Light Transmission?

Most people are blocked and cannot reach their Divine Presence, let alone communicate or feel this magic within us.  Michele connects you to your Higher Self and prays for you so that not only will your life experience be improved and uplifted, but the most important thing is that you can experience Higher Consciousness as this Light vibrates to a faster, Divine Frequency. A fully Enlightened teacher that teaches methods to improve your life.

What Will I Learn?

You will learn methods that will raise your levels of energy so you have more personal power to achieve your goals. The more you raise your oscillation/vibration, the happier and more successful you will become.


What Others Are Saying

Live a Transformed & Enlightened Life

We all aim to be in harmony, happy and successful in our careers, finances, relationships and to then be a positive ripple of light for our world. Enlightenment is the natural evolution for all sentient beings and that means YOU, Right Here and RIGHT NOW! If you feel you want evolution in all areas of you life click the green button below.

Have A One-on-One Session With Michele

If you desire with all your heart to connect with your purpose and raise your energy and consciousness, a One on One session could help burn away some of the blocks at last and have you on a Higher Plane Of Light, Power, and Harmony.

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