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All Levels Receive:

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a month and so much more for only $20 a month. Was $50.

1. Twice a Month Live Virtual Zoom Events 

Experience these virtual events where you can enjoy a live meet-up with all of the wonderful people that are part of The Mystical Experience™ from all over the entire globe.

During these sessions, you will receive Light Transmissions and powerful prayers for your prosperity and success along with fun life-changing assignments, entertaining discussions, and lively discourses. I will also be available to answer your questions!

2. Unlimited Access To:

  • All Past Videos from our massive library
  • All Virtual Events
  • All Discourses
  • All Audio Programs

We will be covering topics from all facets of life and mysticism from over the past 10 years. This alone is worth 10 times your investment!

Just take a look at the levels on this page and choose the one that is the best fit for your personal journey.

If you prefer to receive an extremely fast transformation you can experience a one-on-one one-hour zoom session with Michele every month as a Diamond level member.

Plus, Diamond members will receive Light Transmissions every single day.

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Was $50 However With This Amazing Special It Is Only


Powerful Light Transmissions
4 Times A Month

Total Value: 2,769.90

Today: $20/mos


Powerful Light Transmissions
8 Times A Month

Total Value: 3,201.90



A Powerful Light Transmission is sent to you every single day of the year.

Total Value: 10,392.95


Michele Blood is truly a special person.

Michele Blood is truly a special person. For over three decades, I have made serious study of the mind and how to live a full and balanced life. I have taught tens of thousands of people around the world how to properly utilize their God-given potential, and then along came Michele Blood. She had a very positive impact on my life, for which I am truly grateful! She made me aware of unique methods for realizing more power by effectively combining affirmations and music. Invest in her entire library and let this petite powerhouse show you a fast and effective way to enjoy more of life’s rich rewards. I enthusiastically introduce Michele Blood and her wonderful work to every audience. Order her material today! Share Michele and MusiVation™ discovery with your world; they will thank you with sincere gratitude.

Bob Proctor

Proctor Gallagher Institute

There is only NOW!

I experienced the profound awareness of “There is only NOW” and everything is an illusion except Enlightenment. Nothing else is real. Thank you for the Light Transmissions with the Divine through you.


Susanne Rothschild

Mystical Experience Member

I am growing in vibration.

The most amazing thing about it is, that when you connect to this energy to help someone. You are really raising your own connection and consciousness so fast. I am growing in vibration and feeling alive inside.

William Scannell

Mystical Experience Member



The Mystical Experience™
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