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Mystical Prosperity
Prayer Recording

+plus 3 Special Bonuses

For those who truly wanted a personalized Prayer Recording, but could not yet order one I have great news for you!

I have now recorded a very special Mystical Prosperity audio so that you can still experience new Light Prosperity Consciousness for this year and a NEW YOU.

Michele’s Kundalini has awakened. This means that the shakti, pure energy, eternal Light flows from her in a very powerful way. This can be very beneficial for someone seeking to achieve their goals quickly. What is being offered can only be considered miraculous.

The first MP3 you are given instructions and a short discourse about how your mind works miracles through new programming and Higher Consciousness.

In the 2nd MP3, the Light IS transmitted to you very powerfully to assist with melting away the old beliefs with the new TRUTH for you of Success, Love, and Prosperity. In this track you will receive positive affirmations which are infused with Light and energy which assist to manifest your goals much faster.

The Divine lives in and through you and along with my intention that whoever purchases this will be taken into Streams Of Light. As you listen you may feel light headed and tingles in your head and body.

This is the Light that is transmitted through my voice.

If you do not feel the tingles it simply means that you are still a little blocked. So have patience and know that I know the truth for you.

It is my privilege to know the truth for you.

I HIGHLY recommend that you DO NOT allow anyone else to listen to this and to never post it anywhere online, because this will bring down the oscillation.

This is ONLY for those who ask for it and have the faith to know they can borrow my faith.

This Mystical Prosperity Prayer recording could prove to be the experience that finally breaks down those barriers to higher consciousness, love, and prosperity that up until now, have been a challenge.

If you are tired of saying and doing things you later regret and want to stop the negative self-talk and doubts of emotional outbursts once and for all, let The Divine through me assist you to success, happiness, and Enlightenment.

One can sometimes get too close to their own affairs and can become doubtful and fearful and therefore block their good. A Teacher of Enlightenment can see through the veil so that your success, health, or prosperity can be demonstrated. Imagine me KNOWING the new truth for a life that is beautiful. You can get to hear me knowing the truth for you everyday. This then also helps YOU begin to release your fears and have faith with a new-found energy and confidence you never knew before. A keen observer of life once said, “No man (or woman) can fail, if some person sees him or her successful.” Let me be that person for you! I LOVE knowing the truth for you. For the truth will set you free.

Sometimes it is challenging to truly believe and KNOW the truth for yourself, with this recording you will hear the truth for a new life, from someone who can have faith for you when you cannot. Borrow my faith and let me join with the Infinite for you to Create Miracles in your life.

“Thank you Michele, My first listen through the prayer recording I streamed tears of joy literally flowing down my face as “I” recognized ever more of who “I AM” … here, now, being. I AM indeed Blessed and Grateful. I AM humbly and most thankfully loving my Grace filled life here and now. In fact, as this all “started” to “accelerate” my evolution the day I sent in the request for a “prayer/affirmation recording”, my wife and I got to travel this week to the beaches of Indian Shores Florida to stay in a most Blessed apartment overlooking the Gulf to “charge UP” the GLOW of our organic “home”… How does it get better?


Read Below What Others
Have Experienced:

When I listen to Michele pray for me directly through my magical personalized prayer recording I can feel the Truth that comes with her 100% unwavering faith and belief in all the words offered. And as I listen wholeheartedly I’m finding it easier than ever to visualize this new template for my life filled with success and amazing adventures that are all part of my path toward The Divine. It is overall a completely sacred experience that is assisting me on so many levels. On one occasion, I was having a new experience filled with nerve wrecking uncertainty pertaining to my career. But then I remembered her words in my recording about how the recording would ALWAYS uplift me so I listened immediately and soon after the fears subsided, calm washed over me and the whole uncertain situation worked out without a hitch. I am immensely grateful for this personalized recording and I consider
it a treasure!


My personalized prayer tape from Michele can only be compared to having your very own private angel with you 24 hrs a day. There is no limit on how it will change your life. I have healed 98% of my subconscious. If you could ask for just one wish it should be to participate with Michele Bloods MusiVation in healing your life. This personal prayer will help build the necessary foundations in your life that you must have in order to get God Bumps…and if an idea doesn’t create God Bumps find something else…you’re not thinking the right thoughts.

Pat Robertson

My personalized prayer tape, created by Michele Blood, has enabled me to focus more firmly on my goals and dreams and NOW I am creating them! Listening to Michele’s upbeat positive passionate affirmations and prayers spoken especially to me daily, has helped me override the negative statements of others. I also found that when I encounter a problem, I am more open to and find the solutions.

Cathi H

At the moment I listened to the affirmations. There was a sense of gratitude, deep sincerity and inner knowingness. GOD is telling me that anything is truly possible through you.  can’t wait for the manifestations to happen because I get to connect with the Divine whenever I listen to these prayers. There is so much love. It is truly priceless.


Dear Michele, I wanted to take this opportunity to thank you so much for the personalized audio tape that you made for me a few weeks ago. It’s been so amazingly powerful, that I feel a new and exciting dimension has been added to my life. I used to wake up sad about certain issues that never seemed to come to fruition. I guess I was always focusing on the negative. Since I began listening to your cassette on a daily basis, I wake up refreshed and renewed, feeling beautiful, powerful and finally feeling grateful for what I do have. My new life feels invigorating and I am empowered to live everyday as if it’s my best ever, and I’m finally living and attaining my dreams. It seems there’s nothing for me to do except enjoy each day and have FUN! Wow!!! I feel so blessed and refreshed. Thank you for your endless contributions!”

J'en El

Michele I adore my super fabulous positive, powerful, awesome, successful new life tape, I feel all things are already better and better.


I am so pleased to have received the incredible affirmation and prayer tape that Michele designed just for me. The first time I heard it I knew immediately that my dreams would shortly come true. I will soon be publishing my first book and Michele’s support has made all the difference. Thank you, Michele, and God Bless You!

Susan Caring

Michele puts so much of her own positive energy into her tapes, it’s as though she’s standing right beside me every time I listen to it. Hearing her speaking my name and affirming my goals and dreams snaps me right back into the present and reminds me immediately of my highest truth. It’s such a powerful aid for maintaining higher consciousness; I highly recommend it for anyone seeking a more abundant, richer, fuller life. Thank you, Michele I have already since listening to made more money,
you are awesome.

Nathan Canning

I would like to express my sincere gratitude for the PRAYER CD you made for me. When it comes to lifting my SPIRIT, the cd works like magic because I feel so ALIVE and ENERGETIC. I’m looking forward to implementing all the recommendations that are suggested such as exercising my body, eating healthy, creating all NEW habits for
my prosperity!

Thank you, thank you, thank you,
There is so much love. It is truly priceless.


Dear Michele, The first day I saw a free live stream from you it was a fantastic experience. I have now regained happiness after a long time going through some very bad times in my life. But after joining my life changed so much and I see myself only growing for good. I am gaining more self-confidence, I’m more open, I’m more loving and I feel stronger as I now begin to see things more clearly. I can now actually feel the Divine energy you send me and I can see light. But the experience with prayer CD was so very powerful. I have been listening to it every day and I feel it is very powerful especially with your powerful affirmations. Wow. Thank you very much for all this. For live streaming, for webinars for extra light transmissions, for cd prayers, for everything. Thank you forever. Thank you.




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