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The Magic Of Affirmation Power
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Valued at $19.95

Here Michele uses her MusiVation™ technique combined with creative visualization. This is an extremely powerful tool to accelerate the mind to new thoughts of wealth and prosperity. The subconscious thinks in pictures so utilizing MusiVation’s™ visualization technique allows your subconscious to literally see your dreams on the screen of your mind.

Valued at $19.95

The Perfect Weight program! The newest most effective Psychological breakthrough in weight control. YOU CAN become your PERFECT WEIGHT. YES YOU CAN!!!. It all begins in your mind and the image you have had projected into it over the years. Whether you are UNDER WEIGHT or OVER WEIGHT, this program will be the Genie, the Magic Lamp to light up your MARVELOUS mind to achieve YOUR PERFECT WEIGHT.

Valued at $15.00

This new DVD covers the basics of meditation practice, Chakras to deeper practices for those who wish to either deepen their practice or renew their practice for deeper union.

The practice of meditation assists with many things including:
– Releasing stress
– Improves health
– Clarity of mind and focus
– Keeps you calm
– Gives clear awareness
– Reduces High blood pressure

Valued at $29.95

The combination of this action planner and this action audio program by Bob Proctor and Michele Blood will make you unstoppable! Access these two products TODAY begin to take positive ACTION today. Download NOW and become a FORCE who is truly together. Taking the right sort of action creates REAL and lasting success. Stop being busy for being busy’s sake and become a powerhouse of positive action. It’s not how much you work its what you do with the time. Every moment has unstoppable power and purpose when you know how. Simple, fun and –if followed– IT WORKS!! Stop wasting precious life force and time. Download this today.

Valued at $5.00

THREE of Michele Blood’s favorite affirmation songs:
– “I Am Healed”
– “I Am A Magnet to Money”
– “Step By Step I Will Persist Until I Succeed”.



The Mystical Experience™
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