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A Free Virtual Zoom Event
Sunday, April 11th
at 11:00 AM Pacific Time (California)

Michele will gift us Two Light TRANSMISSIONS and Affirmations and Prayers for our Success. She will talk deeply about who we are and why we are here.

Join and meet beautiful souls from all over the entire planet for this miraculous event.


I attended one of Michele Blood’s live events. I had no idea at the time of WHO Michele Blood was. After hearing her speak for just a few moments, tears began to fill my eyes. I knew instantly that this was a highly evolved person. I felt that my angel, guide, and new dearest friend was about to help me on my journey of life and to fill in the blanks of what was about to become ‘my destiny’. Michele helped me to tap into the depths of my soul and has given me Direction and pointers that were invaluable.
J'en El
San Diego
Dearest Angel, Very fast miracle. Transfer to Kochin City came in 20 hours. Only first part of a promotion left. It’s incredibly beautiful. It has to be felt to be believed. I am grateful for your kind blessed light. Improved my health also. Thanking your beautiful soul. Tour energy par compare.
Beloved Teacher, I was one of the lucky ones that got to participate in the Spring Equinox Live Stream.

I had a surge of energy in my head and then, that energy turned in to a tingling feeling inside my brain, as if it was activating my brain cells. It felt wonderful and all my thoughts stopped as well.

When I did the gazing, on your eyes, your aura turned to white light and I could feel it in my third eye area. Truly amazing!
William Scannell
The live stream was so much needed, Watching you was much easier for me to connect to the Divine. Your eyes were not like human but like a bath of love and light.

Even the talk itself was so much needed for me, motivating. I love to see you in person.

I can’t wait for next live streaming😊. Please do another one. Much Love. A lot of kisses.
Thank you so much for this Prayer and light transmission via the new live stream for the Spring Equinox, it was truly magical.

The Solstice and Equinox light transmissions and prayers that you do has been the perfect way for me to stay focused on a goal or two and obtain it. I love to see what I wrote three months prior, look at where I am today and say Mission Accomplished.
United States
Receiving the Light transmissions seemed to super-charge the results as I followed the instructions to change my life, both inside and out. It gave me a liberating sense of renewal. I came out of it changed and freed from old-me limitations. This was a very valuable experience for me and I am so thankful to you Michele.
Thank you so much, Michele. After your prayers and Light Transmissions you did for me last Christmas, almost everything came true! I enjoy seeing what more there is to come.
Lisa Cash
I am so happy and grateful for the two prayers you generously offered. In addition, I am grateful for the prayer transmission you did for me a couple of weeks ago. I see and feel my life getting better and better
Domingo Marie
Michele, I am so grateful to tell you that I have received what I asked for in the prayer request after you sent me a Light Transmission. Yes, Michele, my prayer was answered! The way it happened so fast was a miracle, no doubt about it.
Vicky Wu
The first day I saw a free live stream from you it was a fantastic experience. I have now regained happiness after a long time going through some very bad times in my life. But after joining my life changed so much and I see myself only growing for good. I am gaining more self-confidence, I'm more open, I'm more loving and I feel stronger as I now begin to see things more clearly. I can now actually feel the Divine energy you send me and I can see light.

But the experience with prayer CD was so very powerful. I have been listening to it every day and I feel it is very powerful especially with your powerful affirmations. Wow. Thank you very much for all this. For live streaming, for webinars for extra light transmissions, for cd prayers, for everything. Thank you forever. Thank you.
Dearest Michele, I noticed whenever there was the gazing at you on the live stream video transmission and I noticed you breathe Light towards us. The screen literally went blurry each time with the Light. And I went giddy and felt waves of something. Was it bliss, Shakti? Whatever it was its Divine and I had never had a true experience quite like this peace before. Very powerful to see you live. Thank you.
I AM so grateful for the AWESOME Live-streamed video. I feel so peaceful, full of Divine Light and so happy to start my first day of work within so much Divine Vibration to reach my goals and to have more and more Divine in ME than ME. Really I don't have words for how I feel 🙂 -Thank you, Michele
New Caladonia
Michele, you are beautiful and sooooo much love has now been poured out in abundance through you on this Live Streaming Video Event. This is a warming wave for abundance, love, and healing. Thank you for extending and sharing in ALL you do. I am extremely grateful and I look forward to experiencing this Divine Experience again. Big blessings.



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