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What Is Consciousness?

What is Consciousness?

People speak a lot about prosperity consciousness, but what is consciousness?

Soul or Consciousness is our Higher Self! Joel S. Goldsmith the great mystic teacher said it perfectly,” The day will come when, if you know enough about Consciousness you can leave everything else alone, for in the word, ‘Consciousness,’ and the spiritual understanding of it, is contained all the knowledge that is to be known about God, man, and the universe.”

We who are on the spiritual path or seekers are always doing all we can to gain more consciousness. Again, that word? Well before we go any further if any of what you have read so far on this topic sounds way too out there for you well it is out there.

However, if you truly desire to have success AND inner fulfilment, then please do your soul a favor and keep reading… And for those of you who deeply desire to learn more, I recommend you read my book with Bob Proctor, Become A Magnet To Money Through The Sea Of Unlimited Consciousness. You will devour Part Two in this volume about The Sea of Unlimited Consciousness where you will learn how to melt down the ice of illusion and become aware of who you truly are.

When we speak of raising our awareness or gaining higher consciousness, what we are saying is we are doing our best to experience Divine Union, we realize there is no duality. We may understand this intellectually, but we don’t know it unless we have a true experience of Oneness. We are always striving to have more and more moments of pure bliss and knowingness.

Not many people become completely Enlightened in this physical experience; however, we all can, and we do our best to transmit the experience. Transmissions do go on, and as we raise our awareness, we slowly begin to melt away the Maya and begin to feel our connection with Spirit. Our beautiful soul, what truths it does reveal once the veil is dissolved and when we are ready to listen…

That is when we truly begin to understand that God is closer to me than breathing, closer than hands and feet. Eternity/God is inseparable and indivisible because we are one.

Whether we believe this or not does not stop it from being true. Those who live in this realization consciously find that when any form of lack or so-called opposition comes into their experience, it disappears. This is the REAL secret of life. The secret of the spiritual life. We are NOT speaking of religion, even though all religions do agree on this one point that wherever we are God is. When we meditate, we are doing this to connect with our higher consciousness or soul.

In the silence, this is where true consciousness is experienced. This is where we are alive in Spirit. Our inner vision begins to open, and we hear, or feel, the still small voice of our soul. These are the true eyes that see. Some have been able to see with their eyes closed when in a meditative state.

This still small voice is our spiritual guide, and it goes beyond what we think intuition is. For true consciousness has no thought. It is pure knowingness. If we wish to begin to get into more conscious awareness of our connection with Spirit, we must meditate, because until we are in the silence, we are only practicing meditation.

In today’s world, where there are over seven billion minds thinking, and we are taking on their thoughts. Without going within to the silence, we can find it very challenging to focus our mind, and this is one of the main reasons we get so stressed out and do our best to slip into something more comfortable like a collective coma by distracting our minds with hours upon hours of mesmerizing TV.

Most of the world is in a collective coma, and they don’t even know it. Fear and lack do not live in pure consciousness; it only lives in duality.

One simple way to see whether we are rising in consciousness is to notice if we are becoming less reactionary. When we react, our ego is still in power over our lives. When we notice that now we are an observer a witness, to what is going on rather than a reactor, we are gaining awareness. Respond, be in the moment before we react and then our actions that follow will be right actions.

Another quote from the great mystic Joel S, Goldsmith,” If, on entering a new year, our consciousness is the same consciousness with which we came into the previous year, we can be sure of duplicating the previous years’ experience. But if our consciousness has deepened and been enriched, the New Year will be enriched.”

That says it all. Perhaps if Joel had been here at this time on the planet, he would have also mentioned the film “Groundhog Day” for without more awareness or higher consciousness we DO live our life and each year the same way over and over again. Just the names change, but the experiences remain the same.

We, however, do not have to wait until a New Year to begin. We can begin right here and right now. Begin to meditate, stop watching so much TV and focus on Light, on conscious union with God. Indeed, it is ALL about consciousness, and I will say it again… Remember to smile.

In Love and Oneness




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