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How To Become Enlightened

How to Become Enlightened

How to Become EnlightenedTo become free is why we are here.

There are so many things that we can be doing to assist us to become in Divine Union.

1st thing is we must gain energy. We may be meditating a lot, and we could be exercising as well to raise energy, however, we’re still not quite there.

The number one reason that people don’t become free or things aren’t going well in their life is because they’re losing energy. We have to oscillate at a faster vibration, have more energy in other words. We’re not talking about, “Oh my God. I’ve got like so much energy.” We’re talking about energy, vibration. Because when we begin to oscillate at a higher vibration we have Divine power coming through us to us.

We have energy. Our God self begins to awaken. Just look around your life to see where you’re losing energy. You can look at your finances, at your relationships, at your body, at your health. You know where you’re losing energy, you absolutely know. What you can do is do something about it. If you’re losing energy physically begin to exercise, really gain energy. You gain so much energy, so much Light, from exercising. Release the people in your life that are just bad for you. You’re probably bad for them too if they’re bad for you.

Release relationships from your life where you’re being drained, or you might be draining them as well. You have to. You don’t have all the time in the world. This life is short. It goes so fast. So, you have to begin your new life immediately. Meditate harder than ever before. If you’ve never meditated before begin to practice meditation and then you will gain energy. The most important thing beyond anything, because as I have said this life is short and you are here for one reason, to become free. How do you get all that energy and that Light? Just on your own?

No. Find an Enlightened Teacher. Find someone that can transmit Light to you. You are here right now watching or reading this because you are interested in freedom. There’s something within your soul that knows that truth. So maybe you’re at a higher evolution and you know that when you have that feeling it’s because you’re searching, your soul sick. You’re searching for God, for Light.

I remember when I was like that. My heart was out there, glowing and I thought it was just normal to have this sort of heart glow, as I used to call it. I went to so many different countries looking for someone who knew God. I didn’t really know what Enlightenment was. I’d heard of it, but I knew it was sort of like a Buddhist thing maybe. I knew I was looking for someone who knew God. I was brought up a Catholic and I actually had a wonderful experience growing up as a Catholic. I had beautiful Irish nuns, lived in the country, it was wonderful.

And I loved to see people happy. When people weren’t happy, I couldn’t understand it. It was like, “You’ve got to be happy.” So, my happiness, I think I was about 31 or 32, was to find God. I knew to find God I would have to find someone who knew God. Later I realized that that is what enlightenment is. So, I went to many, many different countries. I actually lived in Malaysia for a while and I worked with the great Bob Proctor, wonderful, wonderful soul, Deepak Chopra, Wayne Dyer, Louise Hay. So many speakers because I was a speaker and a singer, and I travelled the world doing that. It was wonderful.

It wasn’t enough. These people were wonderful and some of them were very, very in love with the Light, with God. However, they didn’t know God. I could feel that they didn’t. They had a love for God, but I wanted someone who had a union with God, an actual union. So, I was very, very blessed to meet an enlightened teacher. So, the moment that I walked into this particular event she had in San Diego, thank God the Spirit guided me to come to America, there she was. I mean I’ve been to see gurus and different people all over the world and I had actually sat in front of a couple of Indian gurus who were enlightened. But it wasn’t for me. It didn’t quite fit. Maybe because it was the culture, both of them didn’t even speak English. I don’t know what it was, but it still wasn’t for me. So, I did find a couple of people who had that conscious union with God, called enlightenment, called kundalini awakening, whatever you choose to.

But this was a western woman, beautiful, young woman. And when she put her hands up like this, I saw Light glowing out of her hands, and I was looking around to see if anyone else did, and my eyes were watering up, and I was like, “What is going on here?” All those years of doing all the things that I’d done. Bam. I realized after I became a student that all that Light that she was transmitting that is what was missing from my path. I had to find that person who was in union with God. And in this beautiful form, funny, outrageous sometimes, so loving, so strong and powerful. But I would always be blown away and be like, “How is there so much Light coming through this small woman.” Before I started understanding it, it would just blow my mind, kept blowing my mind, thank God.

And so, I did everything that she said to do, and I could feel, when I was practicing my meditation, I could feel that Light coming through me. I could feel tingling at the top of my head and it was like my heart glow then. Because I didn’t realize at the time the reason I had heart glow was, because my heart chakra had already been partially activated from past lives and I was born that way. So, meeting her and having this Light transmitted, I meditated. I did everything she said to do, and I’d already been doing a lot of those things which are absolutely necessary.

But it was like, “Oh my gosh.” Without that power, being able to tap into someone’s consciousness who is in union with God, that is the fast road. And it wasn’t always easy, but I did everything there was because the ego gets very, very confounded. It’s like, “What is going on here. I don’t want to die.” Eventually, I started having what I call Stargate experiences where I would literally just take off. Bees would be buzzing in my head, these were huge sounds, and then I’d be going through this Stargate just like the TV show.

I’d be off into these different dimensions until eventually one day, one blessed day, the Kundalini completely went out my Sushumna, my crown chakra, everything exploded into Light and I didn’t have an experience any more of anything except the Light and great, hysterical laughter followed. It’s all so simple. But it would never have happened without that amazing, amazing teacher.

And I thank God for her being born. Every day the love that you feel for your teacher when they’ve done what they do, and they’ve gone through everything that they’ve gone through in so many past lives to help others and then they go out and teach to help others. So, I recommend that you do all of the things that I talked about. You exercise your body, you eat a healthy diet, you read positive books, you do affirmations and intentions, you do all the things that will bring you into a high consciousness.

Please do not complain. Love your neighbor as yourself. Your Divine presence is the same Divine presence inside, well not inside the body, it’s omnipresent, with everybody. It is the one omnipresent Light and it is yours. So, I recommend you find yourself an Enlightened Teacher. If you don’t come to me then PLEASE do find somebody because you don’t have all the time in the world. It is really challenging to attempt to do it on your own which I attempted to do. Trust me I really did. Just do whatever it takes to become free. Because once you’re free and all the fears are gone, and you can see the world exploding into Light.

Everything liquid Light. And everything that you do after that you’ve just got this hum in your heart, in your bod all the time. It doesn’t matter what you’re doing. You’re in the bliss.

I just want you to know that you have all the power, all the Light, everything inside of you right here right now to become free. You just need that boost. It’s so vital. I Love you so much. God bless you.



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