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Happiness On The Path To Enlightenment

Happiness on The Path To Enlightenment

Happiness is often the goal of many people’s spiritual path, and so that’s what they’re evaluating their experiences against. Does a spiritual life make me happy? Some people are willing to go a little further and face pain if they will eventually find peace and Enlightenment because the overall goal for every soul-even when they are not aware-is to become free to awaken.

A major sign that you are waking up and that you are happy with your particular path is an experience of synergy or what some call coincidence. Suddenly, things and people that are in your life will be seen as a beautiful tapestry woven from on high and all is gently unfolding your purpose and connections for you. It’s as if something is actually seeking you out. This is your Higher Self.

Vibrational synergies occur constantly, and they fill you with a sense that the direction you’re going in is supported by the Eternal.

Patterns begin to emerge all over the place: everything feels connected and in harmony. You’ll feel that you’re being called to walk this spiritual path. It’s almost as if you didn’t find your spiritual path, but, in fact, that it found you.

The spiritual being that you already are is already awakened, already conscious, and already eternally free. You are an infinite being. You are connected to the greatest source of divine love and the only power there is, Eternity. This Eternal Holy Light is generous, giving, loving, omnipotent, and omnipresent, and you are one with ALL.

Your spiritual essence is not hard to find. It is always here now, forever shining and radiating like a thousand suns. It will show itself, even more, when you find an Awakened Teacher who can transmit this Divine Oscillation to you. And when you truly begin to practice meditation consistently every day. Sun. It’s guiding your life towards an unconditionally loving state of bliss, joy, and freedom which you’re meant to experience. This is why you were born. It is the ultimate experience in life which everyone is seeking Enlightenment

Even if you don’t think you’re on a particular path your soul is, and it is totally devoted to fulfilling its mission to become FREE. Dive in right now and surrender.

It is saying I AM with you…

In Love and Oneness,



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