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How To Tap Into Your Intuition

How to Tap into Your Intuition

by Michele Blood

Intuition is part of consciousness however it is not pure consciousness. Developing our intuition is vitally important if we wish to be free and KNOW that we KNOW. Logic has nothing to do with intuition nor does so called common sense.

As we melt away the ice of duality we can then tap deeply into the power of our intuition where we are always clearly guided. With this guidance our life becomes a glorious, happy, and purposeful experience. Whenever we are doing mind practices to bring more clarity and positive emotion, such as meditation and affirmations, our minds become clearer we are happier, and our intuition becomes very clear. People with strong intuition are invariably happy souls, because they can trust that they are guided from on high.

When we understand what intuition is as opposed to an emotion we are feeling, our life will dramatically change. We will be guided. Our higher self will be speaking directly to us. We will know whom to speak to, when to speak to them, where to go and where not to go. This is so profoundly important for any soul to become FREE. We will be genuinely, divinely guided. So please study this and begin with a few simple tools. Meditation practice, time and advice when followed are all that’s required to help us tap into the power of our intuition.

Intuition is so beautiful, simple, and profound. We will experience spiritual growth and it will assist all areas of life including our career and purpose. Intuition is the Infinite Intelligence speaking directly through us, to us!

Intuition means we are IN TUNE with God.

It doesn’t matter what we choose to call God. We can call it our Magical Being, Spirit, Love, Higher- Self, or Infinite Intelligence. When we are awake to our intuition, we are awake and in tune with God. Duality is gone for a small amount of time and we are unified. All the knowledge and creative ideas that have ever existed are totally available to us when we take the time to stop and listen. This is great as well for writers, or anyone in life. It’s so important because when we are in tune, our creativity flows, and we don’t have any blocks. Yes, no more writer’s block!

While we are speaking of writer’s block, here is a quick bit of advice to help you in your writing and creating. Profound studies and insights into how the brain operates have been made in the last few years. One of them is that it is essential to creative flow to keep the body well hydrated. Even when our body is dehydrated by only 10%, our brainpower diminishes by 30%. So, sometimes you might think you have writer’s block, and you might simply need water, so stay hydrated.

Remember that intuition is your soul directing you to all the good and all the success in your life. Please understand creative visualization, which is sometimes referred to as guided meditation, is an excellent practice to clear the mind from all the gunky thoughts out there. We literally become clogged. It is like ice surrounding the body and we must melt away that ice to become clear.

Two of the most powerful ways to achieve this is to have regular physical exercise and daily meditation. Meditation helps clear the mind so that we can allow our intuition to be clearly ‘heard’. In a guided visualization, we learn how to relax the mind and allow someone else to speak to us and to guide us; we start focusing on what we do want to manifest into our magical lives. What is also recommended after a guided visualization is simply to be still. Learn how to breathe deeply, relax and focus the mind. It is best to do this sitting up. This is especially true if you have not done any sort of visualization or guided meditation before. It takes a bit of practice to quiet the mind and a visualization program is a great place to start.

Remember to inhale through your nose, hold it, and exhale slowly through your mouth. Just keep breathing. When we learn to stop thought, it feels that our higher voice is knock, knock, knocking and at last we can open the door. When we don’t slow down and become quiet, we can’t hear the knocking to open the door where all the answers are waiting to guide us to our next level of consciousness, success and happiness. When we are silent, this awesome power can be heard or felt speaking to us and through us. We must learn to be still long enough so we can hear and feel our intuition. Also remember the importance of breathing, of gently focusing on our breath.

Intuition is not a strong emotion because when we feel emotional it is usually our old thoughts and habits. Strong emotions are old paradigms. Old paradigms are our old thinking, old tapes in our mind being triggered by a situation in our human experience.

Intuition is that still, small, quiet voice. It’s knowingness. So, when we have a lot of emotion involved it’s usually not going to be our intuition. Emotions are not feelings it is the ego. Intuition doesn’t seem to have any emotion and yet it does feel peaceful. It’s just a thought that silently comes to us. A quiet knowingness and guidance. When we have that knowingness, we have peace of mind and trust. It’s simply beautiful. It’s mystical!

A mystical experience is Divine Union it is God speaking through us and that is also intuition. Our Higher Self is on duty. A psychic experience is all the different thoughts that we are picking up from the collective unconscious. What is the collective unconscious? The collective unconscious holds all the thoughts and emotions from all the people in our area of the world and we tap into this cacophony of… well mainly rubbish – and you thought all that stuff you kept thinking about was all your own thoughts.

How do we know if something we are thinking is really our own thought? Well this is not important, what is important is that you know whether it feels good or bad. If the thought feels bad NEXT IT!!

People become confused between the two experiences that occur in different dimensions, so let’s now discuss mysticism and psychic experiences. As we just discussed, intuition is the Infinite directly speaking to us. It is a wonderful and magical power that we can all access and tap into when we pause to listen. A psychic experience is when we tap into other people’s thoughts. As a common example. You think of a friend and call them, and they say they were just about to call you. We are all psychic but that is not intuition. When we use our intuition, which is our mystic connection to Spirit, now that is real Power. That’s mysticism. You do not need another person telling you your future. YOU CREATE YOUR OWN FUTURE! Please know that you are much more powerful when you tune into the mystical which is your higher-self and not the psychic part of you, as the mystic message is directly from the Infinite, rather than that of other people’s thoughts.

You are then totally one-to-one with the Infinite Intelligence, which can never be wrong. You don’t need to go through anyone else. Remember it’s all about clarity. It’s so important to be clear. What’s also important to know is when we are not clear, because some people don’t know that they don’t know and that is disempowering and somewhat sad. So, another reason why it is so important to dispel the fog, the clog from our minds, is so that our consciousness will be clear, which will then allow our intuition to flow through to our conscious awareness.

When we are taking a shower, the water cleans our aura. Aura isn’t just some hippy talk. It’s now proven. Neuroscientists are proving that we do have a vibrational oscillation around us, and this vibration is in fact our aura or ethereal body. When that is blocked, nothing can flow. Ideas don’t flow smoothly, and we aren’t able to make clear decisions. So, it’s important to use all our own tools of the mind to become clear. We don’t want to be around people who have muddy minds and think negatively because their advice is not to be trusted as it is fear based. I know that when we are communicating with other people, if those around us are clear, we are not going to be manipulated by other people’s fears or false judgments.

Did you know that everyone is intuitive?

It’s not some great gift bestowed only upon special people. Everyone has intuitive abilities. It’s just that sometimes we are clogged. We are living in a fog and we must dispel that fog to let our intuitive powers flow through. Some people might say to someone, “Oh, that person’s really psychic.” Well, everyone’s psychic. We all have a sixth sense. We can all pick up on the energies that are happening beyond the physical that is no big deal. But oh, the power of tuning in to our intuition is beautiful and can be trusted. Listen to your heart not your head. Now we know that we never need be afraid of what life has to offer if we are looking inward with spirit, because we will know that we are always divinely guided. All we have to do is stop and listen.

Please use your intuition. Learn to meditate and use creative visualization. Learn to be still. Be on your own more often. Turn off the TV and be still. It’s really, important to clear the mind. Get rid of the muck. Be out in nature as much as possible. When our minds are clogged, we cannot think clearly and often we are not even consciously aware of this clogging. Anytime we are feeling fear and not experiencing true joy in our heart that is the time we know to stop, breathe and begin to do something different. Maybe go to see an uplifting movie, take a walk in nature or meditate. Have beautiful natural plants and flowers around you because they help clean your air and give you pure oxygen and good energy.

So, tune into to life from within…

In Love and Oneness

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